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about gregg

I've been in the fitness industry for more than 30 years... I know my stuff. 


I have managed gyms and taught everything from low impact to high impact aerobics including, Cardio Funk, Slide, Hitt, Spin, RPM and Pump.


I specialise in customised circuit and personal training.


Effective circuit training is an art form. I have worked with elite teams and individuals who have represented NZ in various sport from Rugby, Softball and Swimming, to Boxing and Athletics.


Through personal training I have seen some phenomenal transformations. From general weight loss (which is often the most common need) to competitive body sculpting and body building - no matter your reason, I'll work with you to make it happen.


I work closely with people from all walks of life, irrespective of gender, age or disability. I’m not a ‘fly by night’ trainer who will give you false hope and unrealistic goals. I ask the ‘why’ when discussing goals and dig deep to get to know my clients.


I've had over 2,000 clients in my career and completely believe in my systems and training methods.

Whether you are training for a specific sport, want to lose weight, or gain muscle... I'm the guy that's going to walk alongside you to make it happen.

80% of weight loss is what you eat. I will not only train you in the gym, but also in your food choices. Everyone is different, so your training plan and eating plan should be too… there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’.

Trust me and you will see better results than you've ever hoped for.


I've trained so many individuals and groups that I would bore you if I listed them all... but here are some highlights:

  • Floyd Foley - NZ Boxer the only amateur to defeat David Tua

  • Brock Attewell -  NZ Schoolboy, Under 19/Under 23 NZ Junior Black Sox Softball

  • North Harbour Mystics Netball - full squad training and fitness testing

  • NZ White Sox Women’s Softball - full squad training and fitness planning


My training explores the capabilities of the human body. The body is designed for physical activity… plain and simple! Activity comes in all different forms from sports, recreational pursuits and “on the job” requirements, to basic daily activities. I have developed tools and movement patterns that allow us to challenge the body to perform naturally and at a progressively higher level. Starting at the very lowest level of fitness and progressing all the way to your genetic potential - all in a safe effective and fun environment.

This methodology dictates both the form and function of the tools, as well as how they will be used. Because I have a methodology, I can explain why I do what I do. Every motion in every workout has a reason and purpose about pursuing natural human movements, either by using our own body-weight or managing an external weight.

Because my training methodology works with the body and not against it, there is less chance of injury. The tools and movement patterns are designed specifically to keep the joints “happy” and not in an unnatural or compromising position. You can be in your 70's and beyond and still be strong, fast and explosive!!! How?? My training implements the concept of multi-directional resistance training. This leads to a balanced body reinforcing Nature’s Law of Human Movement.​

  • The body works as an integrated unit

  • SIX basic movements: push, pull, rotation, locomotion, level change and complexes (any combination of two or more of the first five) - a complete training programme should cover all of them

  • Train in every direction! North/South (sagittal), East/West (frontal), Rotational (transverse)

  • The resistance to motion can come at different angles… aka “multi-directional resistance training”

  • Loads can be equal on both sides of the body (Bi-Lateral) or only on one side of the body (Unilateral)

  • The body can expend energy slowly or quickly - the body should be trained to do both efficiently and all points in-between

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